We are committed to providing quality educational programs that inspire children and cultivate a passion for knowledge.

We offer creative and imaginative environments that facilitate children’s desire to delve deeper into their understanding of the world around them. And to ensure that every child feels safe, secure, and supported as they grow and explore, we have established a vision and a set of values that act as the foundation for each of our schools and classrooms:

Our Values


Every child is unique with characteristics and qualities that distinguish them from all others. We celebrate and nurture these differences, knowing they are what make OPENair Academy, our communities and our world such a special place.


Our communities are the cornerstone of our schools. We believe parents, teachers, peers and the local community shape the lives of our students and provide the greatest network of support as they grow and learn.


Our goal is to create safe environments for children to interact with the world around them. Through exploring, testing and investigating children build confidence, test concepts and engage as active participants in their learning.


Collaboration is a necessary component of all learning. It brings together a variety of perspectives and experiences to create a deeper and richer level of understanding. When students collaborate with peers, teachers and parents in their learning, they gain greater insight and positive experiences.

Our Vision

Learning Environment

OPENair Academy supports children in the process of inquiry through intentional teaching and inspiring materials.

OPENair Academy creates a learning environment that provides the foundation and framework for exploration, experimentation and risk-taking.

OPENair Academy facilitates meaningful learning and play that invites creativity and problem solving.


OPENair Academy fosters thoughtful and constructive conversation for the purpose of sharing ideas and problem-solving.

OPENair Academy faculty collaborates intentionally within and across classrooms.

OPENair Academy is committed to the process of a deep and shared understanding of our philosophy and to practicing it.

Family & Community Engagement

OPENair Academy is a welcoming community that nurtures togetherness throughout the school.

OPENair Academy practices open and respectful communication centered on intentional listening to create mutual understanding.

OPENair Academy reflects upon, assesses and celebrates the growth and progress of individuals and as a community.

OPENair Academy is proudly created and owned by Clifton Eversley Development, LLC.

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